Provide guests with internet access while keeping your network secure with Guestgate MK

1. GuestGate is easy to setup

2. Protects your network

3. Is cost effective

Perfect for hotels, coffee shops, corporate conference rooms, libraries and other small to mid-sized businesses, the Intellinet GuestGate MK II Hotspot Gateway is an intelligent wireless access point that handles user authentication, authorization and accountability on a public Wi-Fi network. This means you can use our GuestGate MK II to offer a public wireless hotspot through your network without users having to change their Internet settings, and without having to open your vital systems (IP security cameras, administrative computers, network storage, etc.) to prying eyes. Depending on the level of security you wish to enable for GuestGate MK II, users can be prompted to enter a password to access the network, and you can create a “walled garden” to prevent users from accessing high bandwidth websites or inappropriate content. Plus, GuestGate MK II isolates each guest user on the Wi-Fi and wired network, making for a safer and more enjoyable public Web browsing experience.

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