SRP16.25 SKU: 84505

    DisplayPort adapter cable, DP – DVI (24+5), M/F, 0.15m,w/interlock, DP 1.1a compatible, UL, CE, bl, gold

    This digital HD cable is Suitable to connect a notebook or computer with DP interface to a DVI monitor, beamer, LCD/TFT monitor with a DVI cable.

  • Mini Display Port to DVI  Adapter. Mini DP – DVI (24+5)

    Mini Display Port to DVI Adap...

    SRP16.25 SKU: 31202

    This digital HD cable suits ideal to connect a
    MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac,
    Mac mini and Mac Pro to a DVI Monitor, Beamer,
    LCD/TFT Monitor,LED oder Plasma-TV
    with a DVI cable, for example.

  • 2m DVI Premium cable, DVI(24+1), 2x ferrit, M/M, 2.0m, DVI-D dual link, UL, bl, cotton , gold

    2m DVI Premium cable, DVI(24+1...

    SRP16.25 SKU: 84520

    This digital, Full HD suitable DVI cable (Dual Link), is used to connect audio/video equipment with DVI(24+1) interface, such as PC, notebook, monitor, TV or a projector, for example.

  • Mini DVI to DVI Adapter Mini-DVI Male to DVI-D Female

    Mini DVI to DVI Adapter Mini-D...

    SRP16.45 SKU: 308496

    Easily connects a mini-DVI source with DVI-D cable
    The MANHATTAN Mini-DVI to DVI-D Adapter establishes a fast and convenient connection between a media source equipped with a mini-DVI port and DVI-D dual link display cable. This single cable solution keeps installations and workplaces neat and orderly and requires no external power supplies or complicated configuration making it ideal for presentations, retail displays, trade events, training and more. Gold-plated contacts and full shielding help MANHATTAN Mini-DVI adapters provide clear and stable video transmissions. Durable white PVC jackets and molded boots with strain relief complement Macintosh systems and help ensure connections remain uninterrupted and steady.

  • 1.8m DVI-I Single Link Monitorcable M/M 1.8 m Canshell

    1.8m DVI-I Single Link Monitor...

    SRP28.80 SKU: 390729

    # DVI-D/A Single Link male to DVI-D/A Single Link male
    # Connects any DVI-D/A computer to DVI-D/A device
    # Fully shielded – ideal for all monitor sizes and types
    # Lifetime Warranty