Samsung Cable

  • MHL Adapter 11pin to Micro USB 5-pin for Samsung S3

    MHL Adapter 11pin to Micro USB...

    SRP6.50 SKU: 391584

    • Allows you to connect accessories to the Samsung Galaxy S2 with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4
    • In particular, you can use the MHL HDTV adapter used with the Samsung Galaxy S2 with the new models Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4
    • Thanks to MHL technology can be view video, photos, read emails and send text messages using your smartphone connected to your TV
    • Users can take advantage of the new features that are permitted by a deeper convergence between smartphones and HDTV.

  • Ednet OTG Adapter Cable Micro B to A socket

    Ednet OTG Adapter Cable Micro

    SRP6.50 SKU: 84192

    Equip your phone with an additional USB port.

    Connector 1: Micro USB B, plug
    Connector 2: USB A, jack
    USB compliance: USB 2.0
    UL certified: UL2725
    Hoods: molded
    Shielding: Double shielding
    AWG: 28
    Wire material: CU
    Connector surface: gold-plated
    Ferrite filter: none
    Color cable: black
    Color connector: black
    Length: 0.2 m

  • Ednet Samsung OTG Cable. Samsung 30pin – USB A. 0.15m

    Ednet Samsung OTG Cable. Samsu...

    SRP8.12 SKU: 31504

    Ideally to provide your Galaxy Tab with an USB OTG (On-The-Go) interface, so that you can exchange data directly with other USB devices like Memory Stick, Flash disk drives, without PC connection.
    Also you can connect a mouse and keyboard.
    Length: 0.15 metre

  • Ednet Samsung SYNC/CHARGER CABLE, Samsung 30pin – USB A, 1m

    Ednet Samsung SYNC/CHARGER CAB...

    SRP10.56 SKU: 31502

    Ideally to synchronise and charge a Samsung
    Galaxy Tablet PC over the computer or for charging
    over any USB battery charger.

  • MH MHL HDTV Cable, Micro USB 5-pin/HDMI + USB, 2m

    MH MHL HDTV Cable, Micro USB 5

    SRP16.25 SKU: 151498

    Standards and Certifications
    • MHL 1.0
    • FCC
    • CE

    • Video: 1080p HD
    • Audio: 8-channel digital audio, 7.1 surround

    • Samsung (Galaxy SII, Galaxy Note 5.3″ and other MHL 5-pin models)
    • HTC (EVO, Sensation and other 5-pin MHL models)
    • LG (Optimus, Nitro and other 5-pin MHL models)
    • Sony (Xperia SX, GX, V and other 5-pin MHL models)
    • Other 5-pin MHL devices

    • Micro-USB, male 5-pin
    • HDMI, male
    • USB type A, male (power)

    • Length
    – Micro-USB (5-pin) to HDMI (1.5 m / 5 ft.)
    – USB type A to HDMI (0.76 m / 2.5 ft.)
    • Weight: 0.04 kg (0.09 lbs.)

    Package Contents
    • MHL HDTV Cable
    • Instructions

  • iLynk Lightning CERTIFIED Cable USB A to Micro USB and 8-Pin, 1m (3.3 ft.), White

    iLynk Lightning CERTIFIED Cabl...

    SRP20.32 SKU: 390613

    Double the Connections – One Simple Solution
    The Manhattan iLynk Charge/Sync Cable is an ingenious 2-in-1 cable that goes from a Micro USB cable to a Lightning connector cable quickly and easily so you can charge and sync all of your favorite mobile devices. In its Lightning connector configuration, the iLynk Charge/Sync Cable works with your iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Air and iPad mini. Then change to the Micro USB connector to charge your smartphone, tablet, digital camera, portable gaming system or other mobile devices. Ideal for traveling, in-car use or as a replacement cable, the iLynk Charge/Sync Cable readily plugs into a computer to charge and sync your device, or you can use it with a USB wall or car charger to keep your battery powered up and ready to go.