MH Headset Behind-The-Neck Stereo Headset

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Quick Overview

•Comfortable padded earphones

•”Behind-The-Neck” headband prevents hair style damage

•Flexible microphone boom for hands-free communication

•Padded microphone eliminates pop noise

•Adjustable in-line volume control

•Lifetime Warranty

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Product Description

Hear more without interference from hairstyles and hats.
The Manhattan Behind-The-Neck Stereo Headset provides stereo sound and convenience without the nuisance of a traditional over-the-head band that can interfere with comfort, hairstyles, jewelry, hats and caps. Its lightweight design with flexible boom microphone provides clear, quality performance for music and movie listening and hands-free online communications. The microphone cover helps reduce “pop” and distortion for clear voice transmission. An in-line rotary control provides fingertip convenience for quick volume adjustments.

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