DIGITUS Ergonomic Stand / Sit / Lean Chair, Height Adjustable with Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Leaning Chair for Height Adjustable Desks

Adapts to your height and position – sitting, leaning and standing – the perfect accompaniment for your height adjustable desk

Gas spring for easy and quick height adjustment

  • Height adjustment possible from 61.5 to 118 cm
  • With anti-fatigue mat to relieve the legs, ensures a dynamic standing position
  • Mat stimulates blood flow and acts as a shock absorber
  • Anti-slip base provides solid foundation for sitting
  • Handle for easy movement of the chair

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Product Description

Do you like to stand or sit while working and want more options to increase your ergonomic benefits? Then the ergonomic stand / lean chair from DIGITUS® is just the right thing for you! The chair is height adjustable and can be used for more than just sitting or standing. You can adjust the height so you can lean against the chair or rest your arms, for instance while talking on the phone. A posture between sitting and standing promotes blood flow and relaxes the legs. The integrated gas springs support you when adjusting the height of the chair, allowing you to easily configure the height of the seat and leaning surface. The curved shape of the seat, clad with PU foam, offers optimal comfort for the hips and spine. The anti-fatigue mat attached to the ground surface of the stand chair offers additional relief and relaxation for your feet. The perfect accompaniment for your height-adjustable desk allows for comfortable, ergonomic work: and not just while standing.


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